drink in front of the advantages of boiling water

water before cooked consumption is one of the recommended practice of health officers, especially in Third World countries, where the source of drinking water is unsafe, and sometimes the reasons for each occurrence of common diseases of the for children.

Those living in remote areas and far-flung farms Barrios is one of the victims of these water-borne diseases due to catching a communicable disease drinking unsafe water.

to ward off the impending event waterborne diseases, source of drinking water is the safest way. Studies show that the water is boiled for three minutes to destroy bacteria, including disease-causing organisms and Giardia cysts. However, boiling concentrates inorganic impurities such as nitrates and sulfates. The water, which has passed heating procedure, the flavor is flat, because the carbon dioxide is removed.

The most developed countries, safe drinking water and & # 39; has managed to meet international safety standards, not like the poor countries that & # 39; ve to dwell on that particular innovation only to safe drinking water to the population.


drinking water and heating only the best alternative.

8 Benefits

1. Kills some bacteria, viruses, cysts and worms.

2. The simplest and easiest way to remove pathogens in water disinfection.

3 removes some microorganisms and certain chemicals and other components may be present in drinking water.

several classes 4. Effective in killing pathogens like water; bacterial spores, fungi, protozoa and helminth ova.

5. There is no need to develop skills in boiling water until cooked to the proper temperature to kill heating water-borne diseases.

6. The opposite the fresh tap water is safe.

7. Drinking boiled water everyday will increase the blood flow.

8. Some studies suggest that drinking hot water, removing some built-in inserts nervous system. These deposits responsible for creating negative thoughts and emotions.

There is still much to learn about the importance of boiling water against the security of our body disease some of the major diseases caused some people especially children and adults who are at risk safe drinking water.

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Source by Crisologo Ramasasa

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