Tri-halogen shower filters and water filters, which remove the APR APR

The threat tri-halo (APR)
It & # 39; and proved that all the plumbing system includes at least some kind of an unhealthy chemical. But study after study reveals that the norm for the city or municipal water to dozens of dangerous contaminants. Society literally adds hundreds of hazardous chemicals each year, and many of them make their way to the water we use to drink, shower, bathe and cook together. Current EPA regulations to require testing only about 90 of those chemicals.

A geological study of Southern California found that groundwater contained traces of nearly 40 industrial chemicals and pesticides 20. The reality is that & # 39; d fortunate to have a chemical floating in the water. Most people are aware of the dangers of chlorine, but a chemical called tri-halo (APR) will make news because studies have shown that there may be more dangerous than chlorine. The recently announced by the Department of Water Frankford Delaware Division of Public Health that the water exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency & # 39; s maximum permitted levels of THM. The residents upset and wondering what you'll likely. What is it and how to get rid of him.

How APR is created
Trihalomethanes are caused when a disinfectant, mostly commonly chlorine interacts with bacteria or other organic materials. These other materials include hair follicles, skin particles and substances such as sweat. The resulting reaction creates a tri-halo, a very strong carcinogenic hazard to finally come out of the sink and shower heads. Chloroform example of this harmful toxin. The exposure is itself a threat to serious health conditions such as asthma and cancer. APR may also develop in the body, and women with breast cancer showed higher levels of these chlorinated compounds (or from organic chlorine) in their tissues.

The water filter solution
Fortunately, advances water filtration technology made it possible to filter the APR and make the water safe. The US EPA recognizes granular activated carbon (GAC) as the best available technology for filtering out dangerous chemicals and other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and synthetic chemicals.

removing the best home water purification methods THMs and other chemicals, a whole house water filters, shower filters and water filters. In fact, these are precisely the three products Mehment Dr. Oz said it was vitally important to the health of the show. Dr. Oz noted that the Rhino whole house water filtration system was the most effective but also the most expensive. Even more interesting was to emphasize the importance of AQ-4105 shower filter. In the following paragraphs I & # 39; ll discuss why it is so important a shower filtration system to clean the water contaminated with THMs and other contaminants.

What type of water filtration products to consider
When taking steps to eliminate the threat of THM and other synthetic or organic chemicals that must be treated like the whole house, or pins and. The quality of whole house water filter offers the best filtration efficiency, but not cheap. The next best solution is a point-of-use water filters and shower filters. While the filter from the water in the basin is incredibly important, research has shown that the shower can pose a greater threat. A hot shower opens the pores of the skin, which is the rate of absorption of chlorine and chemicals such as tri-halogen speed up. The alarming reality is that the steam can be inhaled by THM concentrations that are several times higher than in unheated tap water.

Since the APR is only one chemical, it makes no sense that a filter material, which specializes in the removal. Therefore, the two-stage or multi-stage water filtration system for both the shower and sink. The dual filter that combines a wide range of carbon and KDF media is recognized as the most effective filtering technology to flooding.

own drinking water, carbon filtration is necessary. However, some companies approach a "better safe than sorry" and no longer use KDF-55 Filters for drinking water. The reason that the KDF natural copper / zinc mineral media and consumers a high level of copper in the brain is not good. Instead, look drinking filter, such as a counter top AQ-4000, which combines multi-stage filtration and most efficient technologies currently available: mechanical filtering (filtering off to.5 microns), adsorption (pollutants bond chemically or physically to the surface of the GAC filter media ) and ion exchange (replaces healthy damaging lead ions, potassium ions).

Fortunately, two-stage multi-stage shower filters and water filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Less than 50 cents a day you can enjoy the comfort and safety of both types of filters! And the peace of mind that you are inhaling or drinking water that is safe and free, or almost free of organic and inorganic contaminants. Another reason under a desk or countertop drinking water filter that can THM gas, air and steam cooking water. As well as the shower, inhaled chemicals entering the bloodstream and a much faster rate than if you drank the water.

In recent years, the threat of chlorine and studies show the health consequences was enough to motivate many people to buy chlorine shower filters and water filters. However, tri-halogen and other impurities caused by the media and health professionals tout them as a necessity for most everyone. While some of the shower water filters and filter media can only take advantage of a high-quality two-stage and multi-stage water filter shower water filter system is the best overall protection in price, quality and performance.

Remember, if you are looking for a water filter, a charcoal filter is not enough. Literally thousands of chemical substances may be carcinogenic in the water. Trichloroethylene (TCE), used for cleaning metal parts, the other is difficult to pronounce chemical comes off the water supply. The relationship between long-term exposure to unhealthy carcinogens in the water just keeps getting stronger, so look into purchasing a full house or shower filters and water filters. They are very cheap compared to the cost of the potentially devastating health problems and the use of unfiltered water.

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