How to Prevent Water Pollution

Water is the most precious resource of all living beings on Earth. It provides the daily needs of plants and animals, and humans almost exclusively from their daily activities.

In other words, water is the elixir of people & # 39; s existence in this universe. Therefore, we must do everything possible to protect the contaminated so that all living things in life that depends on the form.

causes of water pollution

There are so many reasons why the contaminated water through the following channels;

The first illegal human activities. disposal of waste indiscriminately thrown into houses by the river and the sea, lakes and greatly affect the quality of the source water. This includes some leaking oil depot and chemical storage containers, discharging trade effluent water drains, water abstraction of ground water, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides by farmers.

2. Dumping litter. Some waste litter, such as Styrofoam, plastic, aluminum, glasses of the ocean and water ways. According to the study, it takes a very long time to decompose contains the following items; Styrofoam is 80 years old, 400 years of plastic packaging, standard aluminum foam is 50 years old and 200 years.

3. Nuclear waste, atmospheric deposition, and leaks in underground storage in some other causes of water pollution.

ways to avoid water pollution

1. Avoid littering chemical pollution of rivers, lakes and the ocean. In some third world countries, frequent washing in rivers and lakes. caused by spilled detergent soaps cause water pollution. Also, do not dispose of harmful chemical waste of water resources.

2. Apply organic farming. Farmers adapt to the planting of organic agricultural products. Organic farming, synthetic chemicals avoided because all the ingredients and materials, such as compost, of course, without the intervention naturally produced chemicals.

3. Establish a compost area. A great way to reduce your trash, dispose of yard clippings and grass in a beautiful garden soil rich in organic products. All trash goes directly to the waste bin letter writing thus minimizing unnecessary litter around the area.

4. non-toxic cleaners. Always use non-toxic cleaning all kitchen utensils and other household cleaning products and equipment items in the salad produce such as toiletries and soap-based cleaners.

There are other preventive measures can be applied to prevent water pollution, although simple as possible can contribute to the benefit of the population. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing your face can be a great way to share, to reduce the water shortage and reduce the pollutants that enter the sewer system.

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