Brita water filters – The Ugly Truth About Brita water filters

Brita water filters called & # 39; economical alternative & # 39; tap water and bottled. But is it really the cheapest alternative? And perhaps more importantly, these are the best filtration system?

Do not be fooled by the fact that the Brita water filters & # 39; best seller & # 39; cleaning products on the market. The only reason this is so true because almost every store sold at rock bottom prices. The real cost is getting a new filter every month.

First of all, what kind of quality to expect Brita water filters? Well, any type of jug and pour-over filter performance is very limited, mainly because of the size of the filter. They are no longer guaranteed to get rid of many types of contaminants such as cysts, THMs (chlorine by-products), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, herbicides and harmful solvents.

They also sell faucet filters. Brita water filters, as it's definitely better quality water than the pour-through. But still not to filter out things like gasoline additives and VOC, which includes a variety of harmful organic substances.

But I think the real question comes down to affordability. It & # 39; It assumed that Brita water filters cheapest systems available, and I think this is true in the beginning. But since the filter should be replaced every month (3-4 times a month in jugs!), The per-gallon cost of use is quite high, around 20-25 cents a gallon.


For me, the choice is easy to go with a multi-stage water filtration system in your home. It & # 39; s surprise, but I got the highest grade system is available, and it turned out it was the most economical and affordable, too! This is because they are directly from the factory, and are free of supplementary indications.

There is a water filter on the kitchen faucet and still showers- which is a way bigger problem than drinking water, if you can believe it. This is because the steam when showering contain all harmful chemicals, and inhaling effect of these chemicals is to go directly into the bloodstream.

And you know how much it cost to produce a gallon of clean, safe, healthy water using these systems? Nine cents! It & # 39; s it!

Source by JP Michaels

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